Supported Files

What kinds of files can you upload to

File types

At, we currently support the following file types:

  • .csv
  • .json
  • .xls, .xlsx
  • .zip


CSVs must be comma-delimited, with " as the quote character, if a quote character is used.

Google Sheets-exported CSVs and Excel-exported CSVs are supported.

JSON will import JSON in the shape of a list of objects. Each object in the outer list represents a row. Each key in the object is a column header, and each value is a record in the created table. If a column header is missing in a row/object, a null value will be inserted at that column in that row.

  { "column1": "value", "column2": 0, "column3": [ "val1", "val2" ] },
  { "column1": "value", "column2": 3, "column3": [ "val3", "val4" ] },
  { "column2": 4, "column3": [ "val5", "val6" ] }

will produce this table:

column1 (TEXT)

column2 (BIGINT)

column3 (JSON)



[ "val1", "val2" ]



[ "val3", "val4" ]



[ "val5", "val6" ]

If the outermost JSON container is an object ({}), not a list ([]), will infer that the table has one row, and the keys in this object are column names. For example,

  "name1": {"col1": 0, "col2": 1},
  "name2": {"col1": 1, "col2": 1},
  "name3": {"col1": 2, "col2": 1},
  "name4": {"col1": 3, "col2": 1}

will produce this table:

name1 (JSON)

name2 (JSON)

name3 (JSON)

name4 (JSON)

{"col1": 0, "col2": 1}

{"col1": 1, "col2": 1}

{"col1": 2, "col2": 1}

{"col1": 3, "col2": 1}

Excel supports both .xls and .xlsx files.

Multi-sheet excel files are supported. One table will be created for every sheet.

ZIP supports .zip files containing any of the aforementioned file types.

One table will be created for each supported file contained in the .zip. If a .zip file contains an excel file with multiple sheets, a table will be created for each sheet in the excel file.

.zip files containing other .zip files are not allowed.

Encoding supports ASCII and UTF-8 encoded CSV files.

Maximum file size

Files uploaded through the REST API and the web console can be up to 1 GB in size.

Files uploaded via an email endpoint have a maximum size of 25 MB.

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