Connecting via Zing Data

Zing Data allows you to quickly build reports and queries from inside your mobile. works great with Zing.

First, sign into Zing, and add a Postgres datasource:


Then, go your repo page and click on the green Connect button in the upper left. You'll want to copy the password from that screen.

On the Zing data source configuration, set the host to, the username to your username, the database to your repo name, and the password you copied from the connect screen in


Next, you'll be asked to pick some tables. Note that you're going to see all of your data, and all of's public tables. Any can make their data public on, but by default, your data is private. So anything you see here someone decided to make public.


Choose if you want all the tables, or select the ones you'd like to use. Then click save.


Congrats! Fire up Zing on your mobile device and you can start creating and sharing your reports & queries!

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