Connecting via Integromat

Integromat allows you to integrate and automate workflows across various online apps, including automated queries on

First, create a new scenario:


Then, select the PostgreSQL integration for the operation that you'd like to perform with Here, we will run a SELECT operation to query data to Integromat.


Then, go your repo page and click on the green Connect button in the upper left. You'll want to copy the password from that screen.


Now, add a new connection in Integromat and enter the connection parameters from your repo page. You will see a long list of tables in the drop-down — this includes both your own tables and all public tables on By default, tables on are private, but many users have opted to publish their tables which is why you can see them here.


Finally, follow the Integromat UI to configure your query. From here, you can export the query results to other Integromat integrations and set up a schedule for automated execution.


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