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Microsoft Access connection

Maybe requires a paid tier. I believe it requires a dedicated persistent connection that can be faked maybe. I think this would be a beneficial addition.

Backups and availability

Hi, I'm currently on the Free tier. A few questions: - Are backups/snapshots automatically taken and managed? If yes, can I download/access these snapshots? If not, how careful do I have to be? - Have there been any outages or downtime? Does it affect everyone equally or do Free plans get affected more?

Prisma Connection Not Working

Prisma connections to my database have recently stopped working, throwing PrismaClientInitializationError due to timeout or failed connection. When connecting to `[postgres connection string]/username.validdatabase` I get a 'Can't reach database server`. If I change this to `[postgres connection string]/username.randomstring` I get an authentication error as expected. Accessing manually through psql CLI works fine, so I think it could be an issue with how your system is handling the '/' -> '.' replacement in connection strings? (as instructed in https://docs.bit.io/docs/connecting-via-prisma)

pricing schema

Hi I am not sure I fully understand the pricing, could you help me? For example if I query "select * from table limit 100" I will "pay" for 100 rows read. If I alter a table, let's say I add a column, how many rows i would read? The entire table? And if i write a new row? I would use 0 rows read, right?

ERROR:root:(psycopg2.OperationalError) SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly

I can't ever do any writes. I keep getting this error. What am I doing wrong?


In the documentation, the only info re: COPY FROM in psql is: ``` Through a Client Once you connect a database client to bit.io, you can upload data by making a SQL "INSERT INTO" or "COPY FROM" query. ``` I've tried multiple attempts always with the same error: command: `COPY table_name FROM '/path-to-csv/file.csv';` error: ``` ERROR: COPY to/from a filename is not supported DETAIL: Visit docs.bit.io for more detail how to COPY HINT: Use STDIN or STDOUT instead ``` Please could you tell me what I'm doing wrong and/or add more details to the documentation. Thanks

Overwrite table option when importing

Hi there, Firstly, love the simplicity of bit.io, great UX for getting started. One thing that would be nice is to have an overwrite option when uploading data. I.e. it runs DELETE FROM <Table name> before importing the data.

Connection issue

I'm trying to connect to bit.io from the Postico client on my Mac OSX desktop. I'm getting the following error when trying to connect to any of my dbs that already exist on bit.io. FATAL: configured character encoding scheme is not supported DETAIL: visit docs.bit.io for more detail HINT: try using a supported character encoding scheme SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly

Assign grants

I can create a schema, but CREATE SCHEMA eth: I can´t assign grants to it: GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA eth TO postgres; Query failed: Feature Not Supported

Hi airbyte connection with api not working

Hi I tried a integration with airbyte , in the normalization part is always failing, I guess the problem is related with the permission in the user. I tried with a custom api source and with the poke api in airbyte and in both failed.