Integrating Your Product With

How to integrate your app with

We love native integrations! Native integrations makes users happy.

Integrating with your product is easy - if you support Postgres, you support

Using An Existing Postgres Integration

If you already have a Postgres integration the simplest integration with is to add some documentation on using with your product. You can copy and paste the below.

To use with, use these options in the Postgres configuration screen:

port: 5432
ssl: on
username: < username, eg, "adam">
database: < database name, eg "adam/FCC">
password: < connect password>

You username, database name, and connect password can be found the connect tab of your database in


That's it!

Creating a Native Integration - No Authentication

The easiest native integration is a copy of your Postgres integration with the host, port, and ssl fields all filled in and hidden from the user. Then, the user only has to fill in the username, database name, and connect password.

If you need an icon for, a high-res icon can be found below.

Creating a Native Integration - With Authentication

If a user is signed into and signed into your application, we can pre-fill the connection information in your application when they click on your application's icon in our integration page. We will need to do some setup for this, so shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll hop on a call. logo images

Feel free to right-click save these and use them for icons in your app.

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