GUI Table Editing (without SQL)

You can connect to through some SQL clients that support table editing without the use of SQL. Two well-supported examples are Beekeeper Studio and TablePlus. does not currently support GUI table editing in the web interface—you'll have to use SQL to edit and update your tables using the online SQL query editor.

Beekeeper Studio

You can edit a table in your database using Beekeeper studio without the need to write SQL as long as the table has a primary key.


Editing Tables without SQL in Beekeeper Studio Requires a Primary Key

You can create a primary key if your table doesn't already have one as follows:


You can edit the contents of a cell by double-clicking on it. Edited cells will be highlighted. None of the edits will affect the table stored in your database until you click the "Apply" button on the bottom right (see the image below). You can revert changes (before you click "Apply") with the "Reset" button. The "+" button allows you to add a new row.


To add a new column, right click on the name of your table in the left sidebar and click "view structure."


From the "Columns" tab, clicking the "+" button will add a new column. This tab also includes options for setting the column type and default value. As before, clicking "Apply" will commit these changes to your database on while "Reset" will undo the changes (if they have not yet been committed).



TablePlus is a SQL client that offers intuitive GUI tools for manipulating relational databases in addition to a sophisticated SQL query editor.

Once you have Connected to with TablePlus, you can edit tables in your databases without writing SQL. You can edit a cell in a table by double-clicking that cell or by editing the values in the right sidebar, which appears after clicking on a cell. Edited cells will be highlighted in the table preview.

You must click the "commit your changes" button (upper right) for your changes to be committed to your database on Alternately, if you want to undo a change that you haven't yet committed, you can click the "Discard all the changes" button (ⓧ) in the upper right.


You can add rows with the "+ Row" button. You can add columns by clicking into the "Structure" tab and clicking "+ Column."


As before, clicking "commit your changes" will commit the changes to the database on