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We love building things with data and want to remove as much friction as possible for others building with

This section provides a growing collection of walkthroughs for IoT projects and data logging with

All of the walkthroughs include full code implementations that you can use to build the provided demo projects or adapt the examples to support your next data project.

Log IoT data to a cloud database using Python on a Raspberry Pi.

What would you like to measure? With an ever-expanding array of low-cost sensors on the market, $10 wifi-enabled computers, and instant cloud databases, it’s never been easier to measure what matters to you.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to build your own air quality monitor. Air quality is an important public health issue, particularly with ever-escalating wildfires in the West. However, the general pattern we cover here can also be adapted to other types of sensors and measurements like temperature, humidity, noise, and more.