Data Security

At, protecting user data is our highest priority. We've implemented a comprehensive set of security features to ensure that your personal data is adequately safeguarded:

Data Storage Region

All data is stored in Google Cloud Platform's (GCP) us-central1 region, providing a reliable and secure environment for your data.

Audited Code & Infrastructure

Our code and infrastructure have undergone rigorous audits and red teaming exercises to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.

Data Encryption

  • At rest: All data stored in our service is encrypted at rest, protecting it from unauthorized access.
  • In motion: All data transmitted to and from our service is encrypted using SSL encryption, securing it during transit.

Credential Storage and Management

  • We use the industry-standard argon2 algorithm for secure storage of all credential hashes.
  • API keys and other credentials displayed on the "connect" tab are shown only once to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Our platform handles Postgres ROLE/GRANT management, removing the need for user involvement and ensuring a secure configuration.

Secure Postgres Configuration

We apply secure and non-default settings for Postgres configuration operations to reduce potential risks.

By employing these security measures, we strive to provide a robust and secure Postgres solution that you can trust with your personal data.