Zing Data

Zing Data allows you to quickly build reports and queries from inside your mobile. bit.io works great with Zing.

First, sign into Zing, and add a Postgres datasource:


On bit.io, go to the database to which you would like to connect and click the "Connect" button. There you can obtain the credentials you'll need to connect to your bit.io database with Zing Data.

On the Zing data source configuration, set the host to db.bit.io, the username to your bit.io username, the database to your database name, and the password to your password (from the Connect menu; not your login password).


Next, you'll be asked to pick some tables. You can choose to "Include All" or select the subset of tables you plan to work with. Click "Save."


Congrats! Fire up Zing on your mobile device and you can start creating and sharing your reports & queries!