bubble.io is a popular no-code web application builder. You can use Bubble's SQL Connector plugin to connect to bit.io.

First, click "Add Plugin," search for "SQL," and install the "SQL Database Connector."


To configure the plugin, select "SQL Database Connector" in the "Plugins" menu and click "Add a new connection." Select "PostgreSQL" under "Database type."

On bit.io, go to your database's "Connect" menu and copy the database's Connection String. Paste it into the "Connection string" field in bubble's SQL Database Connector menu, give the connection a name, and click "Test the connection."

You will need to make two modifications to your connection string:

  1. add :5432 after @db.bit.io
  2. add ?ssl=true at the end of the connection string.

For example, If we start with this connection string: postgresql://GettingStarted:<password>@db.bit.io/GettingStarted/MyDatabase, in order to work with bubble.io, we need to modify it to: postgresql://GettingStarted:<password>@db.bit.io:5432/GettingStarted/MyDatabase?ssl=true


Then click "Test Connection" and you're done! You can use your bit.io database with your bubble.io app.