Connecting via TablePlus

TablePlus is a SQL client that offers intuitive GUI tools for manipulating relational databases in addition to a sophisticated SQL query editor. You can download the application from the TablePlus home page.

Connecting to from TablePlus

After you've installed and opened TablePlus, you'll see a screen that looks like this:


Right click in the area on the right or click "Create a new connection" at the bottom. There are two ways to create the connection at this point.

  1. Select "Import from URL" and paste in your PostgreSQL Connection String. This can be found by signing in to, clicking "Connect" on the upper right side of the page, and copying the PostgreSQL Connection String.


  1. Fill in the details manually. Select PostgreSQL and click "Create."

Copy the connection details as shown in the "Connect" menu on the repo page.


Once you've established the connection (by clicking "Connect"), you're good to go! You can select schemas from the menu on the bottom left and view a list of tables on the left sidebar. Double-clicking a table opens it in the main workspace. From there, you can click on individual rows and edit their values in the right sidebar, or double-click on a specific cell and edit it directly.