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Connecting via iPython Notebook

If you'd like to use the bitdotio python package ( to query the API, you can download an example iPython notebook to get started quickly.

On any repo, you can download a raw iPython notebook or have it launched automatically in Deepnote (more integrations coming soon!)

iPython notebook integrationsiPython notebook integrations

iPython notebook integrations

Using Deepnote

Deepnote doesn't have Postgres installed, so we use a different package installation:

pip install bitdotio[psycopg2-binary]

Everything else should work as expected.

Using Kaggle

If you want to run the notebook on Kaggle, make sure you enable internet access so the notebook can install the bitdotio package and connect to the database.

Kaggle settings to enable internet accessKaggle settings to enable internet access

Kaggle settings to enable internet access

This ensures we can use the bitdotio package with the psycopg2-binary dependency instead, which is already installed for any Deepnote notebook environment.

Using JupyterLab

JupyterLab doesn't support outgoing connections to a remote database so you will be unable to obtain a direct connection. All other API methods should work properly though.

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Connecting via iPython Notebook

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