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How to connect to with your favorite SQL client

SQL Client Support allows you to easily connect to your preferred Postgres client. Here we've outlined our support for some of the most popular clients.

psqldt+ support pendingConnecting through psql
PopSQLConnecting through PopSQL
Tableau Desktoponly supported via JDBCConnecting through Tableau
PowerBI (native postgres)
PowerBI (via ODBC)only connects successfully without database name specifiedConnecting via PowerBI
ODBC (generally)only connects successfully without database name specified
JDBC (generally)
DataGripConnecting through DataGrip
R DBI/RStudio
(Tested on RPostgres)
Connecting via R with RPostgres
Python DB API
(Tested on psycopg2)
Must use bitdotio python library or enable autocommitConnecting via psycopg2
Google Data StudioMust use Custom SQL due to known limitations
HasuraCurrently incompatible with, as it attempts to create multiple database instances ( doesn't support create database)
Python libraries (tested on SQLAlchemy and pandas)Connecting via SQLAlchemy Connecting via pandas
LibOQ.jl - Julia libbq binding
Microsoft Analysis Services via ODBC
Follow a similar approach to Connecting via PowerBI
Beekeeper Studio

Connecting with a SQL client

Every repo on is a real Postgres database, which means you can connect to any repo using your favorite Postgres-compatible client!

To connect, the credentials you'll need are:

  • Hostname, which is
  • Your database password, which is NOT the password you use to log into

You can find these credentials in the "Connect" dialog, opened by clicking "Connect" on the left side of the repo page.


Now we can use these credentials to connect to our repo using Postico, a fantastic SQL editor for OS X. All we need to fill in here is the hostname and your password, and click connect. The database and username are actually ignored - knows them from your password - so you can set them to whatever you want.


postico connection dialog

After you connect you can run any query you want:


Sometimes it's faster to use the whole postgres url:


We're still in beta, so some clients don't work yet - if you find an issue, send us feedback at [email protected] and we'll jump right on it!

Connection Timeouts

During a system update, SQL connections will expire in 30 minutes.