Building a Grafana dashboard with


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Grafana is a popular dashboard technology that can easily be used to build dashboards from data in

In this example, we'll show you how to build a dashboard from Adam's public repository of sensor data - in this case, humidity, temperature, pressure, and air quality.


After logging into Grafana, click on the gear icon and click Data sources


Click Add Datasource


Scroll down to PostgreSQL and click Select.


Pop over to to grab your credentials - just click on the green Connect button and you can copy the database, password, and username. You'll need them back in Grafana.


In Grafana fill out the circled fields, and change the Postgres version to 12. Click Save & Test


Click "Back" and then go to the dashboard you want to add your data to, and add a panel.


Change the data source to your new datasource.


Add your full schema (username and repo name, in quotes, and the table name) to the FROM box, set your time column, and set your select column - and you're done!