Pay for What You Use. Let Us Worry about Scaling and Storage.

Your account includes a generous free tier including up to three public or private databases up to three gigabytes in size each, and up to one billion rows queried free per month. If you work with relatively small tables and access them relatively infrequently (e.g. if you occasionally download a subset of your data and analyze it locally, or if you're just practicing SQL on a small table), you may never exceed these limits.

For those with greater needs in terms of storage, rows queried, and number of databases, we offer pro. With pro, you get:

  • An unlimited number of public or private databases
  • Free storage for active data: when you or others run queries on your data, we mark the data as active, and the storage is free. Inactive data is $0.17 per GiB-month.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing based on the number of rows of data you query: $1 per 100M rows queried (prorated to the row; see for more details). pro lets you focus on using data and collaborating with others while we handle compute, storage, and scaling.

You no longer need to pick the size of your machine or estimate how much storage to provision. We do that for you behind the scenes and automatically optimize your serverless Postgres database. Of course, you have the option to set limits on rows queried and storage in order to manage costs.

For more information, see our pricing page.


What is active vs inactive data?

On the Pro plan, a database is considered "active" after, for each GiB-month stored, more than 17M rows are queried in that database. On the Team plan, the active threshold is 37M rows queried per GiB-month stored.

How do I upgrade to Pro?

Just add your billing information to your account (select "billing" from the drop-down menu on the upper right of any page on after you've signed in) to upgrade to Pro. We won’t charge you unless you exceed the free tier limit of 1 billion rows queried per month.

If someone else queries my database a lot, will I get a huge bill?
No, you pay for what you query and they pay for what they query. And, if they query your data a lot, that will mark your data as active—storage for active data is free!

What counts as "querying a row" in row-based pricing?

"Rows queried" is a measure of the work done by the database server, not the number of rows a given query returns. A row is queried and counted toward your "rows queried" total if a given operation or transformation retrieves or inspects data from that row. This will likely be different from the number of rows returned. Checkout for more detail.

Do I get charged for collaborators or seats?

No, you are only charged for rows queried and for storage of inactive data.

Are there any differences in pricing between public and private data?

No—Anything beyond your free tier is charged.

For public data, other users' queries of your data count toward your data being marked "active" and thus stored for free. They do not, however, count toward your query quota—you will not be charged more for other users' queries of your data.

If you have data that is a public good, please reach out to us for consideration.