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Getting Started with

Not sure what to do? Look here.

Let's get you set up with uploading, querying, and sharing data.

Upload data

Go to and drag some data onto the page. Any page will do, and you don't have to be logged in.

Drag a file onto a page to upload it.

You can launch a file picker by clicking "Upload Data" in the top right of most pages.

Query data

Query a repo by opening the Query Editor on the bottom right of a Repo page.

Use SQL to query your data. currently supports a subset of the SQL standard.

Click "Run Query" or type Command+Enter (macOS) or Ctrl+Enter to execute the query.

Public Data

You don't need to sign up or upload anything to query publicly hosted data. Try running a query against a public repo.

Share data

Click on "+ Share" on the top right of a repo to give others access to your repo.

Sign up

Signing up allows you to keep your data for longer than 72 hours, and increases your storage and query limits.

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What's Next

For more information on how to upload or query data, check out these docs.

Uploading Data
Supported SQL

Getting Started with

Not sure what to do? Look here.

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