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[42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

Hi, I am trying to upload data to my repository from DataGrip but each time, i try running this script CREATE TABLE if not exists "Ngugisenior/parch_posey"."web_events" (id integer,account_id integer,occurred_at timestamp,channel varchar(255)); i keep getting the error [42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

Error: cross-database references are not implemented

I am getting the following error when trying to access table data after I am connected in Power BI DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [0A000] ERROR: cross-database references are not implemented: Error while executing the query Details: DataSourceKind=Odbc DataSourcePath=dsn=PostgreSQL35W OdbcErrors=[Table]

API /query/ query_string?

how to use the query_string of the api? there is too few information about it in the API Reference, I don't even understand how it does and what it does.

bitdotio api query, when status 500?

When I did a query, it send back with status 500, internal server error. When this happens?

public databases

Maybe I don't understand something, but can i connect to any public database or only my own? Also, if I logged in with a Google Account, what is my username/password? Thanks

Creating Postgres Foreign Keys, Functions and Triggers

Are you able to create foreign keys, create functions and/or create triggers. The table creation api on the website only allows for creation of flat tables..

Size limit?

Is there a size limit on our accounts/ on individual databases?

/import/json/ api endpoint shows success but "failed to upload" message

Trying to import using this endpoint (in R with httr). I get a 200 status code and message "Uploaded file username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json saved successfully from sender [email protected] and an ingestion job has been created with the status RECEIVED" and then a red banner on the bitio page saying username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json upload failed. Please advise..? thanks

petl ETL library insert data

Hi i am trying to load data into my database using petl module but it doesn't work unfortunately. petl.io.todb(data, conn, '\"xxxx/xxx\".\"xx\"') psycopg2.DatabaseError: LOG: Error occurred when processing query: relation "".""xxxx/xxx"."xx"" does not exist (error ID: ab375ee7-621d-456c-b8d7-096f6d3a5a9e) can we use this library or we have to stick to bitdotio library?

Serial data type support

I discovered you on the django sponsor page, I thought I could use your product with my django app, however the lack of the serial data type makes it impossible... Is it a feature you would consider adding?