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Cannot run query or view any records.

It keeps saying "Disconnected" on the query box.

Region for Bit.io data

Hi there, it is not clear from the docs, where bit.io data is stored. I am working on an application where privacy laws may become an issue, if so, does the paid version give the opportunity to change the region or is all data stored in the US?

GUI table editing

There was a way to manage tables through the UI. That was documented here - did that feature move? It was really nice to be able to edit tables without SQL. https://docs.bit.io/docs/schema-management

Connect to Excel - VBA

Hi, I'm tryying to connect my VBA project to a database. My VBA code has been already tested by using a local SQL database. Command I am using is: "Provider=MSDASQL;Driver={MySQL ODBC 8.0 Unicode Driver};Server=" & DB_ServerName & ":" & DB_Port & ";Database=" & DB_Name & ";user=" & DB_UserID & ";password=" & DB_PW & ";" Can you please halp me? Thanks in advance

Error: cross-database references are not implemented

I am getting the following error when trying to access table data after I am connected in Power BI DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [0A000] ERROR: cross-database references are not implemented: Error while executing the query Details: DataSourceKind=Odbc DataSourcePath=dsn=PostgreSQL35W OdbcErrors=[Table]

bit.io and Streamlit

In version 1 Streamlit and bitdotio have dependency conflicts that can not be resolved via pip. Any plans to resolve this in future deployments?

How Connect PGAdmin to Bit.IO?

Using PGAdmin program I went create a database connection, put in a variety of values and settings, but nothing works to connect. Please can someone advise on the settings/values needed to connect in PGAdmin?

/import/json/ api endpoint shows success but "failed to upload" message

Trying to import using this endpoint (in R with httr). I get a 200 status code and message "Uploaded file username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json saved successfully from sender [email protected] and an ingestion job has been created with the status RECEIVED" and then a red banner on the bitio page saying username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json upload failed. Please advise..? thanks

[42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

Hi, I am trying to upload data to my repository from DataGrip but each time, i try running this script CREATE TABLE if not exists "Ngugisenior/parch_posey"."web_events" (id integer,account_id integer,occurred_at timestamp,channel varchar(255)); i keep getting the error [42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

How specify encoding for table?

To use full search I need to find Russian characters and use: ENCODING LC_COLLATE "ru_RU.utf8" LC_CTYPE "ru_RU.utf8";