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Unable to upload new tables from CSVs

Background: I needed to re-add an existing table to my repo because I'd truncated a timestamp column and now need the full date for further analysis. I use your site to do contract data analysis. Problem: I keep getting an error whenever I try to upload any csv file to create a table. >>> "If you recently created the table the import job may have failed -- please check your email to see if you received an update from us. (error ID: d32a1592-5e9d-4da0-a1b4-7aab0ebb9921)" If I reload the page, the newly "added" table disappears. Please help!

/import/json/ api endpoint shows success but "failed to upload" message

Trying to import using this endpoint (in R with httr). I get a 200 status code and message "Uploaded file username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json saved successfully from sender [email protected] and an ingestion job has been created with the status RECEIVED" and then a red banner on the bitio page saying username_d6ffedf7-6245-4c15-9630-6b28f64d6da2.json upload failed. Please advise..? thanks

petl ETL library insert data

Hi i am trying to load data into my database using petl module but it doesn't work unfortunately. petl.io.todb(data, conn, '\"xxxx/xxx\".\"xx\"') psycopg2.DatabaseError: LOG: Error occurred when processing query: relation "".""xxxx/xxx"."xx"" does not exist (error ID: ab375ee7-621d-456c-b8d7-096f6d3a5a9e) can we use this library or we have to stick to bitdotio library?

Is this really postgres or a NoSql database that trys to process postgres sql

I am not sure what the underlying database structure is. Will help to know for architecture reasons.

User isolation to prevent resource hogging

Does bit.io isolate users in any way so that one user can't run a huge CPU intensive query that slows down processing for all the other users? If so, how is this done?

Number of Live Connections

How many live persistent connections am I allowed to have. Or am I supposed to open and then close connections after each transaction.

Creating Postgres Foreign Keys, Functions and Triggers

Are you able to create foreign keys, create functions and/or create triggers. The table creation api on the website only allows for creation of flat tables..

[42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

Hi, I am trying to upload data to my repository from DataGrip but each time, i try running this script CREATE TABLE if not exists "Ngugisenior/parch_posey"."web_events" (id integer,account_id integer,occurred_at timestamp,channel varchar(255)); i keep getting the error [42601] ERROR: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement

How specify encoding for table?

To use full search I need to find Russian characters and use: ENCODING LC_COLLATE "ru_RU.utf8" LC_CTYPE "ru_RU.utf8";

SQL injection in doc

I was reading the article https://docs.bit.io/docs/creating-a-crud-to-do-list and was sad to see it is filled with SQL injection vulnerabilities. I really hope the bit.io service is handling variable in sql queries better. Could you at least correct the tutorial?...